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Most of us recognize intuitively and by observation that
we are broken. We enter adulthood carrying emotional
scars from our childhood that directly affect our ability to live
healthy adult lives and invariably get passed on to our own
children, continuing the vicious cycle—a cycle author Henry
Yoder dates back to the garden of Eden.

But most of us also have the intuition deep within ourselves, that life was meant to be more than our experience of brokenness, that this brokenness was not originally intended.

Where does that intuition come from? Is it purely wishful thinking you haven’t been able to put away, even through all your pain? Or is it possible that God has pressed His image into you so deeply that even after all you’ve experienced, the “Longing for Eden” is still in your soul?

Join Henry Yoder as he describes God’s original intention for you as a creature formed in God’s image and likeness, invites you to examine the cause of your brokenness, and offers a way forward toward the wholeness you long for.

HENRY YODER is a bi-vocational minister with a passion for church planting, leadership
development, teaching and preaching, and pastoral work. Henry currently lives in a suburb of
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Connie For more
information, visit the following Web sites:,, and