Brief History:

The band has not been performing since 2018.
Due to challenges and obligations beyond the band, continuing to pursue the band and recording became impractical.
There have been significant changes from our music distributor, CDBaby.
CDBaby removed their online store, without proper notification to artists, and Longing For Eden’s music has not been available for purchase, though it has been available on your favorite streaming service(s).
In addition, the publisher who originally published and distributed the book Longing For Eden went out of business and the book was also unavailable. To remedy that, we have self-published the book through Amazon publishing, and the book is now once again available in paperback or Kindle.
We have also updated our website, in order to make the music and book available through the website
It’s unclear what the future holds, however our heart is still to journey alongside those who are struggling, and we value any opportunity we have to do so.
We have been very honored and blessed by the support of so many fans. Please know we value our relationship with you.

Longing for Eden Today

We are committed to communicating God’s good news in a way that expresses the truth and hope of Jesus Christ for today’s generation.

We are followers of Jesus that exist to help others experience the Kingdom of God. We desire to be active in helping the poor, the oppressed, and the hurting in whatever way we can.

We believe we are to offer love, acceptance, and forgiveness to others. This is called grace.

We believe that God created human beings from His own breath with an internal longing for justice, spirituality, human relationships, and beauty. All of these internal longings can be satisfied by God through a relationship with Jesus and in relationship with others who will journey with us.

We believe that God is beyond our limited ability to understand, and that Jesus came to earth so that we could experience God’s presence in human form. We believe that His presence is with us as we gather together, and that His presence has the power to help us.

We believe that living in the way of Jesus is not easy, and we expect that there will be times of struggle. However, we believe that the path God takes us on will always lead to transformation.

We believe that God is present in every person’s life whether or not they choose to acknowledge His presence. We believe that the Holy Spirit is the presence of God in our midst and empowers us to live in the way of Jesus.

We affirm wholeheartedly the historic Apostle’s Creed. We seek to be in fellowship with all others who affirm this simple creed of faith with us.